Owning Pets While Renting

Finding your ideal rental can be difficult enough without fretting over whether or not your majestic 140lb Old English Mastiff will be approved. Here’s a few things to consider before moving into a new rental.

  • Size matters. If a landlord says your animal needs to be below a certain weight or size, then your animal needs to be within their parameters. If you’re unsure, ask your landlord, or go to your nearest vet to find out.
  • Just because a property allows for pets doesn’t mean the environment is best suited for pets. Your animal companion has special needs, so be sure to take them into consideration. A high energy dog might be better off in a quaint house with a plentiful yard rather than lofty condo highrise.
  • Will your pet damage the property? This right here is the bane of every landlord’s existence. Too often do pets cause extensive (and expensive) damage to rental properties. If you know your pet is prone to being destructive, rental insurance could be a necessity.
  • Will your pet disturb your neighbors? Dogs in particular can be noisy, some breeds more than others. If you know your canine companion will bark and/or howl incessantly, you may want to find a house on a bigger lot instead of an apartment that shares walls with neighbors.
  • Will your pet shed dander? Cats and dogs may seem harmless, however their fur can get trapped deep within carpet. Their dander, dormant to you, could be a real nightmare for future residents.
  • If you own an exotic animal, you may want to clarify with your landlord whether your pet is permissible. Most landlords associate “pet-friendly” solely with cats and dogs, and a micro-pig (for example) might push it.

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