5 Tips to Make Renting Easier

 Finding the perfect rental can be exciting, however it’s not always easy. You might find the “perfect rental” only to notice problems after you’ve signed the lease. Watch out for these major issues that are easily overlooked.

  1. Cleanliness

Your rental might appear to be spotless, or you might assume the landlord takes care of the cleaning, but sometimes they don’t. Moving into a new place can be difficult enough without having to perform a deep clean. Make sure the rental is up to your standards, or inquire the landlord before signing the leasing agreement.


  1. Yard Maintenance

Every landlord is different, and so are their expectations for yard maintenance. Too often neither the landlord nor new tenants discuss said expectations. You might not know whether or not it’s your responsibility to preserve all the foliage, but that doesn’t mean your landlord won’t hold you accountable. Find out what’s expected of you upfront, or agree to find a local landscaper.


  1. Home Business

Some types of businesses conducted from home require you to notify your landlord. Many tenants neglect mentioning to their landlord that they’ll be receiving numerous business related deliveries on a daily basis. If you aren’t sure, it’s better to discuss all business plans prior to signing your lease.


  1. Various Permissions

It’s easy to assume that small details like nailing up your favorite pictures, installing satellite TV, and grilling on the patio are included permissions that any proper living arrangement should include. However, it is common for several or all of these permissions, and many other items, to be restricted or prohibited in the lease for your new rental. Barbecuing on the back deck could be a lease violation, one that could get you in more trouble than you probably want. In most cases, its best to attend to these details prior to signing the lease to make sure you aren’t causing any violations.


  1. Trips and Vacations

Your roommate is visiting home for the month, and you’re backpacking Europe for two weeks. Rather than leaving the house vacant, you should notify your landlord of your absence. Your landlord will most likely want to check on the property to make sure it’s safe and maintained thoroughly.


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