You Can Put Lipstick On A Pig…..But It’s Still A Pig!

I had a  home inspection yesterday afternoon, that revealed way more about the house than I had anticipated. Now I know Realtors ARE NOT home inspectors, and I’m not suggesting I am, however, I think we would all agree, we have learned what to look for when showing homes so our budget sensitive buyers don’t spend dollars on homes that are, well, pigs.

This was  a renovated property, presented well and I anticipated a mainly clean inspection.

Well, I was WRONG!

The seller had done all the “pretty” things: new flooring, new windows & doors, new bath fixtures, new kitchen cabinets, and a fresh coat of paint….so the house LOOKED shiny and new.

Anybody see where this is going?

That fresh coat of paint conveniently was applied directly over rotten wood, and not just a few parts. The other major findings include: house needs a new roof, HVAC is a “spider” type system, meaning it’s not as efficient at operating, and there is evidence there may be an old oil heater buried somewhere on the property.

In most cases, these are items that can be worked around, and I’m optimistic I can still get my buyer this house for a better price; my biggest concern is an LLC owns it, so there is no “real” seller’s disclosure, nor any requirement, so we have to rely on whatever the seller can/will say, and then go from there.

You can make it look pretty, but it’s still a pig!



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