10 Secrets Every New Home Buyer Should Know

10 Secrets Every New Home Buyer Should Know

Arizona –  Although most homes for sale are resale properties, one out of four homebuyers purchases a new home. Which is better: existing or new?  The right answer, of course, is up to you. Both resale properties and new homes offer advantages. Existing homes are less expensive on average, and are generally closer to, and enjoy the warmth and surroundings of established neighborhoods with mature landscaping.  

New homes, on the other hand, offer innovative use of space, greater energy efficiency and choices of options and upgrades. Everything is new and modern.  The choice that's right for you depends on many things: your finances, your family composition and your taste.

The fact of the matter is, most buyers consider both new and resale homes before they decide.


A new, special insider report entitled “New Homes – 10 Tips to Save You Time and Money”  has just been released which indentifies 10 invaluable tips to save you time and money when purchasing a brand new home.  Also revealed are little-known buyer advantages that most builders may not tell you.


To learn more about what you should be aware of before you visit your first model home call for your FREE report today. 

To hear a brief recorded message about how to order your FREE copy of this report, call 1-877-365-8340 ID# 1010 or visit http://www.azhomebuyertips.com/      


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