65% of Americans do not have a will.

Dear Friend,

Have you taken the time to draft a will? If so, you have already addressed at least some of the most important decisions regarding the distribution of your estate and providing for the needs of your family when you are no longer with them.

This month I have passed along an informative piece that highlights the importance of estate planning. It explains the roles of most common legal documents and what can happen if an estate falls into probate. There’s also a practical checklist to help you get the process started, or to update the one you already have.

A thoughtful plan takes your priorities into account, protects the interests of your heirs and establishes your legacy. If you need guidance in any of these matters, I would be happy to recommend a reputable professional in our area. Of course, I’m also here to help whenever you need to know the present value of your property for estate planning or any other purpose.




Carol Royse

CEO of the Carol Royse Lifestyle Team

Keller Williams Realty East Valley

Office: 480-776-5231


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