Nothing is more critical to the success of your business than the ability to sell…

Yet these skills are rarely taught in schools and universities and the marketing strategies that are taught are designed for large companies with big budgets and plenty of room for error.  Without the right guidance many small businesses go about it all wrong, wasting thousands of dollars and countless hours in the process, commodities that are already in short supply for the typical small business.

In addition, over the past decade the selling environment has changed dramatically.  Traditional forms of promotion like newspaper ads, the yellow pages and mass mailings don’t work anymore.  Salespeople have to work harder to penetrate new accounts while prospective customers are working even harder to keep salespeople at bay.

In spite of these challenges many companies are succeeding and doing exceptionally well.  You can too, as long as you learn how to leverage technology, develop new selling skills, and adjust your sales and marketing efforts to meet these new challenges.   At Client Builder Sales & Marketing we can provide you with the sales training and marketing tools you need to increase sales using a step-by-step road map that any business, regardless of size, can use to create  powerful systems that bring outstanding results.


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